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>> we did not beat canada eight cd. there was only a big native american rage in any county in another state called kentucky. we began in 1778 as virginia.
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>> sub one speaks at the women's national republican club in new york city for about an hour. >> monocoque rally as a host and political foreign affairs analysis for the vox news channel. and a host of the nationally syndicated radio program, the monica crowley show. she also has been a week and a panelist on the maclachlan group. she served as foreign policy assistant to richard nixon from 1990 until his death in a teammate before and wrote two bestsellers about her experiences. mix in off the record and mix in
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a winter. she also has written for "the new yorker," "the wall street journal," "the los angeles times," "newsweek" and the new york post. a member of the council of foreign relations has lectured a deal university, columbia, university. she holds two masters degree and a stack trace a way to call dr. monica. in her new book, "what the (bleep) just happened?," that the worry to the great american comeback, monica says, and i quote, president obama is
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re-contribute in everything makes america great. not just our wealth, but also on military power, cultural eo, our borders and our very exceptionalism. monica is one of the most brilliant idea women of our day and most importantly, with all her many achievements monica crowley is a great american picture. and now it is my leisure to introduce to all of you, ms. monica crowley. [applause] >> wow, what an introduction. ronnie, ihc q. if we everywhere i go. that was very kind and very generous of you.
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catherine, thank you for posting me tonight. it means the world to all came out tonight. i know how busy everyone inside setter. the fact you cannot celebrate my new book and meet with me tonight means the world to me, so thank you. let me start with the title of my book, which as you know is called "what the (bleep) just happened?." i must say that my original working title for the book, the original title is thinking about calling it was 50 shades of obama. and i thought better of it and said i've got to go on with bill o'reilly and sean hannity and i can picture them introducing me sane 50 shades of obama. then i saw the sales numbers and the fact that she has amazon one, two, three and four a night
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that maybe i should just doubt with 50 shades of obama. but the real story of the title, which is the story last summer i went out to dinner in new york city with one of my best girlfriends and she and i were having a great time under president obama took this long list of leftist insanity insane contribution i use and social engineering that he was engaging in and every site here, not just of the american economy, but american life. we must've spent a good 30 minutes on this list just bouncing off each other one thing after another from the big stuff like obamacare to the
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smaller things, although liquid barack obama there are no small thing, but things streetside about like the fact we told the world exactly how many nuclear weapons we have. in case you were wondering 5113 happened in the boat because they send hillary clinton out to disclose that formerly top secret highly classified piece of information. so we were going through thing after another and that exhausting, not exhaustive list. and by the end 30 minutes into it at pushback from my plate and set to work, what the bleep just happened, only i used a more colorful world. because i wanted this to be a family boat, i decided to use the word leap and allow all of you to sit by your own colorful word for bleep.
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it was a really serious question, even though she and i used a more colorful world, everyone kind of vote, but it's a serious, serious question since the fall of 2008 when first the financial crisis hit enter the bottom of the financial sector and then it spread into a broader economic crisis and once president obama was sort it and took off is come again as i said we've been subject to almost every single day to a piece of absolute insanity from this administration. so when i say what the bleep just happened, there's so much that goes into that question. what the bleep just happened to america? i was saying to someone the other day i grew up in the 1970s and 1980s and some of
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you grew up in his decades as well or earlier or later and there was always this incredible sense of american optimism. the music was happy, the culture was happy, even though they were problematic, but the overall narrative, the story of america was positive and a p. and salty and you're very things they guessed this country was exceptional and would allow you to do whatever you wanted to do. this country would not stop you from training and doing whatever you wanted to do. i grew up with that sense of optimism. every day was a sunny day in america, even when it was pouring down rain. what we've experienced over the last couple of years has been a grand theft of that sense of optimism. it's been a robbery in large
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part by your own leadership about the sense of optimism in the very sense of american exceptionalism. what the bleep just happened to america? what happened to our constitution, which seems to give ravaged on a daily basis? just look at what he's done over the last two weeks? at one point i had to put my manuscript to bed, but i could keep writing for a long time. and in fact, be in the hyper achiever i am, i wrote two books instead of one. i produced a 600 page manuscript, which i have to get to a readable size so i wouldn't put all of you to sleep. as i was doing my research, i would say that's too crazy legs out and out right enough to go in and i say that's too crazy to
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live out and before i knew it was 600 pages, just in the last three years. >> just look what he's done over the last two weeks. a violation of the constitution. a violation of the rule of law. unilaterally to choose which ones he won't. that's not a constitutional republic. that's a banana republic. last week invoking executive privilege to protect his corrupt attorney general, in other constitutional view. you can't even with the madness of the administration.
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what happened to their traditional economic growth but america has always been famous for, we always knew that there would be short and temporary and they would come roaring back this time. what the bleep just happened. $16 trillion in debt. no nation on the face of the earth has ever amassed that much debt. no nation on earth. 100% debt to gdp riccio. socialized medicine and the united states of america. what is that about? so as i went about writing the boat, it occurred to me and
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ronnie touched on this because this is one of the essential arguments. as i started to write, i thought of course upon his redistributing at home. he's a socialist and a chorus i have a section in the vote called the skinny socialist and the sixth outlier. and i was out last week i said my god, look at this title. tell me what part of that is inaccurate. because i'm a secret worker runs up michele is not looking. he is a socialist and yes he has lied to the american people day in and day out. prime example i will cut the deficit in half in the next term. we all know that's turnout. he inherited a foreign $50 trillion deficit.
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he is quadrupled it and every year he's been in office he has run between 1.3 m. $1.7 trillion annual deficit. added 5.7 in the next two years. to give it this way. it took president up on the three years to $5 trillion to the national debt. for the first 216 years of the republic, that is how much debt we've accrued from george washington through the first 216 years of the republic, george h.w. bush and obama added 5 trillion to the blink of an eye. so as i was developing the essential arguments for the boat, it occurred to me that he's not just redistributing wealth here at home, although he is absolutely doing that. and the way he has done it is by attacking the four core pillars of the u.s. economy.
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at the industrial, financial set her, and urges that are in the health care set very. those are the four pillars that uphold the entire u.s. economy and they're all interrelated to everything else. from day one he very methodically and very deliberately went about taking down those pillars because they were built on the free market principle of capitalism and remaking non-ascii massive redistributive schemes. he's been more successful in some areas than others. will see that the supreme court does on thursday with obamacare. i happen to think it's grossly unconstitutional. but he went about it in a systematic way. think about it this way. any other american president would be flipping his lid over eight, nine, 10% unemployment
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because for any president, any politician really, unemployment and high unemployment rate is the most politically toxic element you can face. keep a lot of work makes the entire economy faltered. this man was a%, 9% current 10% unemployment never broke a sweat. still doesn't rate the site even as threatening the very reelection. he must ask yourself why. why is he not particularly worried about high unemployment? swasey not particularly worried about anemic economic growth? the answer is, this is who he is and this is what he is said to do from the beginning. i say to bill o'reilly last week when i was launching the boat, his economic policy has failed and this could cost him the
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election. he said yes, two normal married kins and those of us suffering here in the economy absolutely has failed an absolutely redistributive for socialist policies whatever you want to call it have failed. back to him, and this has a wild success. i call in the book i have a name for the democrats. i call them the kooks because i wanted to delineate doing what we're dealing with here and maybe the democrats party you grew up with. harry truman, jfk. this is not your father or grandfather's party. this is a completely different ball of? and the book i trace 1960s and my friend climbed back onto sean went day, but has done great
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work where progressives, socialists in a lot of ways, left wing. that is true about them, but they weren't able to really overtake their party and total until 1968. and 68 was the last truly pro-american democratic presidential ticket. after that, the kooks take over the democratic party. they take it over. and what you see is a lot of formerly democratic individual lives, irving kristol, jean curt hatcher, and berman pretorius podhoretz, david horowitz. you see them leave the democrat party because the kooks have taken it over. what broke it for them as they began out more and responsible
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mainstream democrats said malcolm were fighting against communism and workprint and responsible mainstream democrats said malcolm were fighting against communism and workprint in the kooks didn't want to hear it and the kooks took over in the kooks didn't want to hear it and the kooks took over the party. from that point they started nominating kook after kook for the presidency. they could never win with the kooks. the only time that democrats did not put a day one. he was kooky in other ways, but when it came to ideology is a relatively mainstream democrat, a pragmatist, political animal who wanted to win and thrive and also more than anything else willing to compromise. how does the dlc, democrat leadership council which is now extinct because there are no more moderates. when the democrats didn't put up a kook, they actually won, so
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they put kook after kook and continue to lose because we are sent every nation. until they find, as they write in the boat, the perfect marriage of man admission and barack obama. a young, hip, biracial cool guy who invoked jfk was a glamorous life of two beautiful young children, a guy who spoke with the silver tongue who finally had their savior. he was the big cocoon. so i grabbed the brass ring in one election and to designate, he went to town on the agenda and anders said he only had a brief window of opportunity to get this done.
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did two years for the next cycle of elections in 2010. they weren't sure what was going to happen in 2010, so they moved with all deliberate speed in the two years and they have majorities in congress. think about what they did. they come into office come to see the falling apart. the american people are screaming for jobs, screaming for economic growth. helpdesk of our out here. obama said to nancy pelosi and mary read, provide a stimulus bill. i don't care what senate. @whatever you put in front of me. and so they did. a stimulus, nearly a trillion dollars was a political act. it was all about transfer payments to local communities and states to keep their government set her union rolls from being hung wrenched come only enough government workers.
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that is what the stimulus is about. in fact for all the talk about infrastructure and how he got to build rolls, do you know what the percentage was that nearly trillion dollars that went into infrastructure, roads and bridges click 6%. the rest of it again keeping those government payrolls growing. so they blow through a trillion dollars i'm not even because it was a political act and not an economic act, of course it didn't do anything for the economy. it did something politically, but nothing for the economy. it was exactly their point. once they do that in the first five weeks or so, six weeks, they washed their hands, say our work on the economy is done. we'll at the stimulus for and not shaken now we're going to turn our attention to health
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care. again, the american people screaming for jobs, suffering the home foreclosures, no economic growth and the kooks take the country off the cliff for the next 18 months on health care. whisman drive me crazy, scratching their heads, going i don't understand why they spent all this time on health care. i don't get it. we look at the history of social countries, the very first thing they do is lock down health care, socialized health care. the government controls you. if the government is in your eyeball in your ear canal into a fungus, the government controls you. that is why they did that first. that is why they spent so much
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time on it. at the same time the industrial base of the auto bailout. second, we are never going to get paid back for $23 billion from the end of bailout. randy bass, you're never going to see your money again. and then of course the energy site or to the epa to try tapping trade data through the kook house, but they couldn't get it to the kooks on it because enough of the kooks came from coal producing state of west virginia and put a block on it. so what does the constitutional user to? goes around the congress, coaster is epa and starts cracking down on small businesses, businesses of every size of february not to know the regulation from brandeis are not in top coal removal, what should federal judge had to overturn because it was so insane and
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unconstitutional. and of course the warm fossil fuel, which has used the bp oil spill is a massive test for that. the redistribution scheme into every major pillar and to wrap the redistribution tenable around those pillars to strangle the u.s. economy. and the life of the free market system entrepreneurship crash that spirit, put it on the hands of the government, essentially a command economy and has been able to have success in doing that. after doing that it occurred to me he's in doing so much more than redistributing are both here at home. his scheme is much more profound and much larger in scale.
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i write a lot about a foreign policy. we just talked about the brotherhood takeover, presidency and aged in parliament to meet it. on the maclachlan group they won last year when mubarak was still in power and the american president was hoping to overthrow an american ally. i remember saying on the maclachlan group, if this thing goes down, the muslim brotherhood dissecting him like that and alan r. clift and some others laughed in my face. they say this is glorious democracy. it's the glorious arab screen. the muslim brotherhood and a sworn enemy of the united states, sworn enemy of the state of israel has been waiting eight years for this moment as i said that day care and a half ago and they're not going to blow it. the same thing holds true for barack obama in the kooks.
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they have been waiting decades for this moment to remake every aspect of the u.s. economy and they certainly were not going to blow it and they didn't. again, redistributing not just our wealth, that everything that makes america great. our economic energy, our political strain, and military power, borders after what he just said last week with the immigration knows. that's a perfect example of what i'm taking about. i'm illegal immigration they talk about how it will help him politically, pass the embassy, getting on the way to a permanent democrat voting majority, which is all of the kooks, but if you want to really dilute american exceptionalism, open up the borders and flood the zone and that is what he has been doing, flooding the zone.
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that gets to my bigger team about his very exceptionalism. remember when he was asked about american exceptionalism is idea, i believe in american exceptionalism to which the british believe in british exceptionalism in the way that greeks believing creaks. not the way an american president should be answering that president. and yet he came out of a very anti-america radical corinna. as i though was frank marshall hayes is one of america's most prominent communists in the 1950s. he studied them for the time he was a little boy. so he's ms ideology and sort of this idea that america should be remade in america should be taken down a notch or two or 10 in the world and intended to do
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it. boy has he done it. some people have asked me about the socialist label and i get into a description of socialism in the boat and what it really means, but i use the shorthand for government directed redistributionist them. he has gone about this in such an article way but there's no other way to deliver a. it has been driving me crazy when i see smart people say, gosh, golly, i don't get it. i don't understand why he won't compromise with republicans or why he won't talk to the center like bill clinton did. i don't get it. but is he thinking? not a big mystery here, guys. it's never been a big mystery. he's never made a big mystery of who he is and what he believes and what he said tended to do.
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in fact, i have a quote from reverend al sharpton. everyone in a while a member of the organized crime syndicate noticed the fire last will blur out the truth and reverend al sharpton why not msnbc in 2010 and he said, and i quote, is absolutely true there is no doubt that the american people overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they like to president obama. so the kooks see a, the kooks get it, but the goodhearted american people who elected this man didn't want to see it or refuse to see it. even to this day, you see i like him, not. he has played on that goodness. he split on that american willingness to believe the best, certainly about their president,
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right? in these used that. he's used it and leverage to really claim. so in "what the (bleep) just happened?" i laid out the case and made that obama and mccain i put together the entire american domestic record with the foreign policy record so you can see at all. i have to say we see all the evidence in one place, it's devastating, devastating. i write about each at, the muslim brotherhood. i write about what president obama as celebrating today that the muslim brotherhood is taken over each at and a large part the rest of the middle east. this is a man who helped to overthrow not one, but posting mubarak and moammar gadhafi. was he a terrorist click absolutely. but at the time, obama moved
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against the moved against moammar gadhafi who is one of our most solid allies, producing american amounts of intelligence on al qaeda and the muslim brotherhood operating in it the middle east. so let's take amount. regimes that are enemies of the united states like iran have nothing to say about the revolt of the iranian people by the terrorist regime in 2009. could not have a word of moral support. could not spare word of moral support. the same thing happening in syria, although now the muslim brotherhood is preparing to take over in syria and mark my words i can tell you it's going to happen. now that the brotherhood is at least equipped to take over control of syria, you will see president obama, secretary of state clinton begin to move in syria. maybe take military action through nato, have turkey
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initiate a native response, take out the charlotte side and all the glorious rebels we have so romanticized in the last will take over. the glorious rebels are the brotherhood in egypt, libya and watched no in syria. the entire middle east is folly and you'll have to read my book to find out why i argue presidents worded road with that outcome. in fact about six or eight weeks ago, incredible. it's at all depressing? no, no. i don't know about you, but one of the things i want to get across in this book is a sense of american optimism that we have been so robbed of over the last few years. because i am just sick and tired of being sick and tired.
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i am sick and tired of having our leadership run this country down with a black cadets were so crude pulled the mobility chip project american power anywhere in the world and i'm so tired of being depressed and full of despair and watching all of you, watching my fellow americans beat up preston downtrodden and thank 18 america is strong and will never get her back again. to that i say no. that is not what we're about here in america. it is that what the american people are about. we don't just pack it in and say zero well, it was fun while it lasted 200 x series. it was a good time. you know, we produced madonna, lady god for. it was good for a while. now it's gone from the chinese will dominate now -- is the way of rules. we are not at. we're not that kind of people.
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we've been number one for a long time because of our very exceptionalism, because we are kind and generous people, because we are not just a great power. we are a good power. we're not just a superpower, we are a force for good in the world. and so, i wrote the last section of the boat, which is what the subtitle gets to come to have the warrior's guide to the great american comeback because i wanted to finish on a note of optimism in hopefulness about the united states are not going to put up with this anymore. we don't have to sit back and take it. with the power power to change it. i read in the book that it's often considered conventional wisdom that the founding fathers gave us three branches of government. the executive, legislative and the judiciary also got help us come thursday with obamacare.
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but i argue that actually the founding fathers gave us four branches of government and its going to be up to their self-worth ranch to turn this around and that fourth branches as you it's asked. what gives me hope about this similar for questions is that my old bascombe of president nixon spoke about the great sign of maturity in 1969. by that he meant the vast majority of normal americans who didn't get media coverage, weren't allowed, just hard-working people who formed the heart and soul of this nation. what i did on this book is that for. i call it the great silent majority to point out. also notice that tea party, but i saw the same thing. what gives me hope is every
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single time the american people have had a chance to go to the polls since barack obama was selected in 2008, and they have chosen to reject his path of sadism and european-style socialism and move to try to get the country back on track two is a foundational principle of limited government, fiscal responsibility and economic freedom. 2009, the first race after he zolak date, republicans alike to new jersey. new jersey? and virginia. 2010. massachusetts senate. ted kennedy -- type candies old senate seat, scott brown. 2010 congressional races, and you republicans seek of the house clerk to republicans. 2012 wisconsin.
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governor scott walker holds onto his seat. [applause] holds on by a whopping 7% where progressivism was founded, wisconsin in a place her government set are your hands were shot dead. the american people are speaking with their vote and it is a resounding rejection of obama's redistribution and stated some. final point on this, we have to do this is happy warriors. nobody loves president reagan more than i do. i became a conservative because i was young and developing my political values, reagan was president and i remember being in fifth grade, sixth grader watching on tv and thinking yeah, what he is saying is absolutely right. i was so young at the time that i didn't know why he was right. it was just some been
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instinctive with me. msi corrupt, high school and college, i understood why he was right. so nobody respects and admires president reagan more than i do. at a chance to meet him. he was brilliant and adorable and funny and one of our best presidents. reagan served 30 years ago. and what we need to do now is take his positive embrace of conservatives and an out dated for the 21st century. same principle is updated for the 21st century heard on the left, barack obama did this in 2008. this is how he was able to smash the clinton brand and smashed the republican brand because he took a sense of optimism. but electric smile, the idea of hope and change, which is just ambiguous enough that everyone supplied their own meaning to it
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a lot of us that hope and change will be read as george w. bush a look at this economy going again or first thought president. hope and change was his way of bringing optimism to his site, to his ideology. we all know it is a sick ideology that is really destroying the country, that he was able to sell it because he did it with a smile and he did it as a happy warrior for his cause. he can no longer do that this time. his record is so bad that he's going to run a campaign against governor romney because he has a choice and is going to be completely, 100% negative. this gives governor romney and all of us a huge opening to be the happy warriors. we've got to understand, happy warriors believed that america can be saved and that she is worth saving and we are going to
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do this mission messed up is this going to be an hard. i read about this in the bud. it's going to be hard and requires sacrifice because they won't go down without a fight. we saw that in wisconsin. we have to persevere and it's going to be wrenching. look what happened after decades of socialism. it's wrenching and it's going to be wrenching here. but the key to the happy warrior is understandably are in a war here at home. but the other key is to be happy. and to undertake this mission with joy at our heart and confidence in america and in our journey to take her back. thank you so much. [applause] >> she was wonderful as usual.
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could you line up behind the mic for a question-and-answer period? thank you. thank you so much. >> 2000 may -- [inaudible] >> i'm sorry, say it again. [inaudible] >> hughes lived in -- [inaudible] how is he going to be as a president and more importantly our dear max >> i'm not sure governor romney has the lead out water, but he is good advisors around him.
8:43 am
i've gotten to know a them and they're really smart people. but even if you're surrounded by smart people in your kind of a doofus as a candidate, you're not going to win. governor romney as incredibly brilliant. you see sometimes when he speaks, he speaks really fast and sometimes i want to say to him, sought out, governor. you're talking so quickly, which is something i often do. you're trying to get it all in. the reason he's talking so fast is because his brain is spinning so much faster then his mouth. he is incredibly brilliant, which by the way is a huge asset. of course you watch her president to be brilliant. but think of it this way. they can't come in the kooks in the obama campaign cannot seem to governor romney is a doofus. they try to paint from the raghavan, george w. bush, dan
8:44 am
quayle. that is something they cannot do as governor romney because they know a researcher appeared appeared was the truth everybody else either. but governor romney is so serious it tone and style and intellect and mission they can't do that. the other thing that gives me hope. let me just finish. the other thing that encourages me about governor romney is he is a political killer. he is not john mccain, god love him and i respect mccain so much. he is not bob dole when he is not george h.w. bush and i love and respect them all, voted for all of them, but when they were running, dave ran sort of old, tired campaigns. they ran 20th century campaigns. mccain was incredibly passive. he was afraid to run against barack obama and it showed. that romney does not suffer from that is all. there is no bigger political killer on the scene and barak
8:45 am
obama. you have to go against another political killer and tell you governor romney wants this more than life itself. he can taste it. he could taste the president be and he will do everything he can. he's not afraid of barack obama and their team and the other thing that encourages me is the romney campaign is starting to route command to organize a community organized. hot not be sending buses now to respectfully heckle obama and his surrogate. and he is the king of community organized. he was a sort of master of modern day at yours, so we didn't know what to do. they are not used to it when you hold up a mirror to them. they don't know how they handle it when you hold american attack
8:46 am
takes they don't know what to do. they fall apart. team romney is getting really good at it. choose ability to take out the other side of the debate. if you watch previous debates of governor romney, he's a master at this. he's brilliant, on point and doesn't take crafts and around the other sides to get points on him. so i am not optimistic this time about the candidate and his ability to take it to the other side than i was last time. [applause] >> monaca cremate thank you so much for being such a powerful role model in the media. you really tell it like it is to love america and i'm really proud of you as a conservative woman. thank you for coming today. clap my >> this is my question that i've been thinking about all
8:47 am
afternoons and that's why i write it down. you spoke about the muslim brotherhood taking over nature, possibly moving onto the chip and taking power they are. apparently, according to fact, the muslim brotherhood is very act given very powerful at the highest level of our government in the united states. so i wanted to know what she thought about this. do you think that sharia law or become popular in this country, will have a foothold? and how will we kind of war in america this? >> there's a lot of people doing great things. my great friend frank asked him, steve emerson, robert spencer. these are people doing heroic work on this subject because it is true that the muslim brotherhood and other sms have
8:48 am
made very serious inroads into our government into our society. remember there's a couple different forms of jihad. we often think of the rich and one which is about jihad. it's hezbollah. it's hamas. but to me the more serious threat to his longer-range start about robert spencer called themselves jihads and that's the muslim brotherhood and the other islamist organizations that get in under the radar at the demographics they get in and start demanding more and more ricin before you you know it they start altering your constitution, the very fabric of our society. they've done it to great effect in western europe. add enough and if you plan to westerner. great written, germany, france. it looks like what north coast or radio. it no longer looks like westerner. sovereign countries between the
8:49 am
e.u. and the influx of the muslim population does not look -- they don't look like sovereign countries anymore. the threat is here the night stays. the muslim brotherhood your right as i mentioned, to top and the representatives were invited into the white house. president bush and his second term began to make this mistake and start doing the outreach to muslim brotherhood and other islamist groups bring inanimate. the fbi, said the infiltration has been going on for quite a while. this is very serious business. we need a president to appeal to take this on and not worry about president bush and president obama for slightly different reasons, but political correctness aspect has driven a lot. look, muslim outreach.
8:50 am
we can identify the enemy, to how will do with it. bill o'reilly asked barack obama about the last super bowl, super bowl 64 when he was interviewing at the white house. mr. president, is the muslim brotherhood a threat to the united states? the muslim brotherhood is a sworn enemy of the united states at the last talked about how they were nonviolence. watch what they do in egypt now that they have power that were nonviolence thing out the window. if you're a christian in egypt, you better pack your bags and skedaddle now. this is curtains for you. when romney asked that question, he tapped danced and didn't answer correctly. of course the muslim brotherhood is a direct threat to the united states. my view of governor romney is
8:51 am
that even though he hasn't gotten into it in a lot of detail, his instincts on this are absolutely right. we just have to hope he's going to be better anyway in a million different ways, but we have to hope that once he gets sent he will root out a branch that is the mess that is in fact dead the federal government in so many ways. we see the new york city with the best car terrorism department apart from the fbi and the cia. we have it here and how to left is trying take care associated for the muslim brotherhood and how they attack it. thank god for ray kelley and new york who has stood up to them. and cnet for what it is. but we need a president from top-down, unafraid of political correctness and driven by the desire to protect and preserve the united states because this
8:52 am
is a thread. this is a threat our constitution is not built for. it is funny, every time i interviewed vice president cheney or secretary rumsfeld, people who are running this war, i asked them the same question over and over again. is this a religiously based are coming in under the radar, seeking to destroy us from within? is our constitution bill for this quicksand of them can answer it. they struggle with it. and don't think that the enemy doesn't know it. so we need a president. my instinct is that romney's instincts on this are excellent. i hope he is the political courage to see it through. [applause] >> hello. >> high. >> this president seems to privatize the society.
8:53 am
we have rich against poor, black against white. you have a luxury, why remember when he campaigned to bring us together with a slogan and he wasn't afraid to do certain bb liberal things that i'm speaking of richard nixon, for those of you who remember such as the wic program, which was soundly criticized in some quarters. using governor romney to us to bring us together. >> i think he can bring us together and i think your past. he does have the virtue of an opponent that has spent his entire presidency dividing us as he sat along class lines and graceland, gender lines, the war on what he because the kooks need for division. they need america divided in order to conquer it. the kooks need us pitted against each other in order to answer
8:54 am
their agenda. they been quite successful in doing that. when it comes to governor romney is a conservative in most of a circuit derivatives in this room, acr conservatives during the day for the big dance? no, probably not, but is he exactly the right man at exactly the right moment given the economic belltown reran? i think so. i really do think so and i've known him for a couple years. i can tell you he is a man of incredible professional and personal integrity. he is a brilliant guy as i mentioned before and i really think in his hands, america can come back because he is a creature of the dirt. he spent his whole life except for the one term in massachusetts in the air. as a turnaround, what more can we need at this moment? we need a turnaround artist compared to barack obama who i've quoted in my book has been a very brief time in the private sector and was referred to it as
8:55 am
being quote a spy behind enemy lines. that's what he thinks of the private sector. to turn it around you need someone who has lived in riot, created hundreds of thousands of jobs over the arc of his career. i think romney can bring us together. it's tough when you're the mainstream media does so in a student the other side and so invested in promoting the other side and candidate and it's really pretty disgusting when you have a major cable news network, not my own, which got dirt it's chase last week of the republican presidential nominee to make it look bad so they could all laugh at him. disgusting, but this is what we're up against here. i think the balmy -- this gets to my earlier point about him being a political killer. he doesn't much care. i also think he has the
8:56 am
center-right patients ready to go. okay. [applause] >> i have a two port question. first of all, what do you think about the strategy of the civilian rights act and secondly, what do you think about voter i.d. and pennsylvania contribution to hopefully elected romney? >> yeah, voter i.d. i think it is disgusting the way this justice department has used that as a weapon in. it also tells me that the kooks cannot get elected without voter fraud. they can't get elected on the basis of their ideas or principles or policies. they can only get elected when dead bodies are voting, when the black panthers are stationed outside with sticks to threaten other voters. they can't get a lot to them a
8:57 am
clean election, so they've got to do everything possible to engage in voter fraud, including this ridiculous and outrageous political use of the justice department. and the way they are capturing embrace that is somehow suppressing minorities to vote is disgusting, especially hypocritical when if you want to venture a barack obama event or a justice department event at which the black attorney general is speaking, you need to show, guess what, a photo i.d. and the idea that the most sacred part of our republic, the most sacred part of our voting is open to such widespread fraud makes me physically sick. there is a great group out there called true to you should check them out because they are a little group, but they are trying to do this nation might come across and down on voter fraud. so what our government will not do under this regime, we need to
8:58 am
do herself. [applause] >> tumor questions. >> two quick questions if i may. number one, if you were advising romney, who would be your selection for bp? and number two, it will probably come out at 6:00 at night on thursday. do you think that indicates concern about whatever they're going to do, and not to sell late? be met first one first. i think governor romney needs me. [cheers and applause] i think he needs a little bad guys on that ticket, right? seriously though, what do i know, but i think it's probably down to marco rubio, senator rubio from florida who is dynamite, by the way. [applause] in fact, i met him for the first time two weeks ago and his book
8:59 am
came out the same day my dad and i suspect the week before. so he said monica, and so happy to meet you. as did likewise in such a in such a joy to meet you. i said anders and you have a book coming out. i said senator is the same day. this is a disaster for me. he said monica, -- that's actually my phone. that's probably senator rubio calling for me. so sad to me, i think your book might do a little better than mine. it's hipper, funnier. i said i don't know about that, senator, but when i do now is you're going to be vice president of the united states and i'm not. so you trot me on that. he's brilliant, conservative, handsome, beautiful family, and he can deliver florida, pretty much the whole package. the thing that might hold governor romney back and romney
9:00 am
is a very cautious guy, even though he is a political killer, the only thing that might hold them back on rubio is even though rubio knows how to stick it to the left wing as he hasn't been on the national state dialogue and i think there might be a little worried that he -- not that he might blow up, but there might be the unscripted gap or maybe something unforeseen. so i am not sure. they're probably way and not. the other one that everyone has been talking about is rob portman, governor of ohio. very intelligent guy. he has been decided already by the senate because he was george w. bush's omb director. he is a budget guy. knows the ins and outs of all of the numbers. this is what we need an economic crisis and can probably deliver ohio, which you can't win without ohio.
9:01 am
.. you all know that bill and hillary when they go in the polling place in november both of them are going for mitt romney. [applause] >> there is no question about that.
9:02 am
i do not think hillary clinton will do it. i think she will slightly decline and in her case she has the leverage to turn down the president of the united states which no one else does. i don't thing she wants every part of this administration anymore. the big reason i think -- joe biden is absolutely and totally plug it into the union's. because obama did not go into wisconsin and campaign for the unions and union candidates the unions -- they are going to campaign for him but not totally invested in obama any more snow to pull joe biden of of the ticket the unions would go bananas and would not mobilize or do their grassroots getting out the vote to the extent they would. i am not sure that will happen but in terms of romney either
9:03 am
romney or portman or paul ryan. i could be totally wrong. could be totally awful wall. if cautious enough to choose one of those three. to lead to the second part of your question about obamacare i predicted on my radio show a couple days ago what happened. we would get arizona today and come there's a the supreme court would take the obamacare decision like a grenade. throw it on to america and let it explode and wait three months. the obamacare decision, we are out of here. it will probably come in the morning thursday. i can to believe congressional wisdom that they will strike down the mandate and allow the rest of the law to stand to make it look like the courts have integrity and it is not totally -- i think the whole thing should be thrown out. i think the whole thing is
9:04 am
unconstitutional and a real rate of the constitution. we will have to see if the supreme court feels the same. [applause] >> more information visit the author's website >> in new exhibit at the library of congress called books that shaped america. booktv is taking 84 with an exhibit and joining us is roberta schaffer who is associate librarian for the library of congress. why do college books that shaped america? >> we call it books that shaped america as opposed to other words we considered like changed america because we think books have an impact on american society and shaped seems to be the better word to imply that connotation. >> what book in this exhibit
9:05 am
comes to mind? >> that is the fabulous part of this exhibit. no one book is shaping america. so many books have had such a profound influence on american culture and society and the very essence of what america is that it would be impossible and it would be improper to take one book from the 88 that are here. >> the exhibits starts with common sense. >> the earliest book is actually ben franklin's book on electricity. that is the 1751. so we have two books about common-sense on the shelf. one is on raising your child in a common-sense way and thomas paine's book that sparked or shaped the american revolution. >> are these all very rare? >> they are not all first editions for very rare although we have many books in our
9:06 am
collection, library of congress collection that would be first editions and very rare if not one of a kind but we selected books for a variety of reasons. some have inscriptions by other famous people or the authors themselves. two books in this collection that i just adore our books that are part of the armed service book out reach the people serving in the military and we have two examples of books that were sent and now they are sent at the war front, in the olden days -- >> what a plea to books -- >> one is tarzan and i am trying to think what the other one is. >> in this exhibit, a lot of novels. >> novels are critical part of american culture. not only dime novels that the
9:07 am
common people read but some highbrow and complex novels. some of those that appealed to people of all ages. the wizard of oz. charlotte's web. hardly limited. >> gone with the wind as well. how did those books shaped america? >> many of them identified who we were becoming more the aspirations we had as a nation and the experiences we had uniquely as americans like the diary of lewis and clark. many others really defined our dialect. huckleberry finn. talk in dialect and really shaped not only our ideas but how we see it today. >> you have some social cultural books and i want to ask about
9:08 am
those you mentioned dr. spock and a couple cookbooks and the big book. >> we also thought it was important to look at nonfiction and books that were self-help or kind of broke barriers of certain kinds so we looked across the broad spectrum of books that shaped america. we did not want to limit ourselves to a particular genre or particular kind of book or a certain kind of offer or writing style. we look for many books that were innovative and showed america as an innovative country. as a country that loo for practical solutions that shared experiences broadly and used books and stories to inspire going into the frontier. that could be literally or intellectually. >> the library of congress. you are in charge of the winnowing process.
9:09 am
>> interesting question. definitely a large committee with no chair person. we had a number of discussions as people brought forth titles and believe it or not it was not all that difficult to select these books because it is implied. this is not a definitive list. there is no article the books that shaped america in the title of this exhibition. so we really decided what we wanted to do was choose books that would get america talking about books. that was not difficult to find consensus on as may be choosing the 50 books or the 100 books. we didn't need a chair person. some books have created social movements. upton sinclair, rachel carson. >> one of the interesting things about many books here is they
9:10 am
not only created social movements but some even lead to legislation. you see the jungle in here and it really created the forerunner legislation to the food and drug administration being created. not only social movements but legislation, social change. >> y 88? >> that is where we decided to stop. we were worried about using a number commonly associated with a definitive with so we avoided can, 25 and 100. beyond that it was up for grabs. we think that is a good number. it won't give anybody the impression that we meant 88. >> poetry and religious books are here? >> quite a few exemplars of poetry. walt whitman, so we really tried
9:11 am
to be clear that poetry has been an impressive part of american history and americans have been committed to writing and reading poetry. that continues today. >> what about religious books? >> we have holographic bible. a lot of the books would not necessarily be associated with a religion have a moralistic or a do good tone to them and really felt that was more representative of america than our value or a particular religious book. we try to look at the values of america be personal spiritual sort of persona rather than looking at religious books. >> how did you get your start in the library of congress. >> i started 30 years ago as
9:12 am
special assistant to the library and fairly fresh out of law school. i absolutely fell in love with the library of congress and 30 years ago as today you cannot keep me away. i run to work every morning and i think working here and being here surrounded by books, manuscripts, musical scores, movies, the whole gamut of what is knowledge and america is such a thrill and such a privilege that you will have trouble getting me to retire. >> is this exhibit open to the public? >> entirely open to the public. it will be open through the end of september but let's say you can't come to washington. we have a virtual person on our exhibit and our web site and part of this exhibit, part of this conversation is an open web site where we are asking people
9:13 am
from all over the world to comment on the books we selected but also to tell us why you think something we selected should be on our list and more importantly why something you think should be on the list should be added to the list and we want to hear from you. so far we have heard from over 5,000 people and we encourage everybody to go to our web site www..l and find a list of the book and opportunity to complete a very brief form telling us what you think. >> roberta schaffer the last book you have here was published in 2003. >> we decided to put a cop on it. looking at books that shaped america. we have to give them an opportunity to prove their worth in shaping america. this is an organic endeavor by
9:14 am
the library of congress. we intend to keep looking at books that shape america but a decade at the top. in 2012 let's stop with 2002 and keep revisiting it. >> two of the later books you have here, 1987, cesar chavez. >> and there was a huge influence that we talked about earlier on aids research and raising our consciousness about that terrible disease and cesar chavez is a leading voice of farmworkers and of america. >> roberta schaffer, these books in the exhibit with a best sellers in their time? >> many were bestsellers and many of them continue to be and have not gone out of print. wasn't specific criteria. sony have been translated and carried american ideals across the world. >> one

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